Description of Design

 W.Coffee的W包含了3个重要的意义----Well-Being Life(健康休闲的生活方式), Wild(原生态), World of Coffee(咖啡的世界)。
    W.Coffee追求的健康休闲生活(Well-being life)的宗旨是, 每天都为每位顾客提供新鲜原料制作的咖啡和美食的同时, 也提供健康而又悠闲舒适的环境。
    因为顾客的信任,我们必须对每一位顾客负责。我们保质定量,采用严选优良品质的特级咖啡豆,并只选用自家烘培的新鲜咖啡豆,食物方面,我们也坚持使用新鲜、健康、安全的原材料,让每位顾客品尝到既新鲜又健康的咖啡美食。W's W.Coffee contains 3 important meanings Life ----Well-Being (health and leisure lifestyle), Wild (original ecology), of Coffee World (coffee world).
W.Coffee pursuit of health and leisure life (life Well-being) is the purpose of every day for each customer to provide fresh raw materials produced by the coffee and food at the same time, but also to provide a healthy and comfortable environment.
Because of the customer's trust, we have to be responsible for every customer. We guarantee the quantity, by strict selection of good quality grade of coffee beans, and only use their fresh roasted coffee beans, food, we also insist on the use of fresh raw materials, health and safety, so that each customer can enjoy fresh and healthy delicacy coffee.