Description of Design

东方日升新能源股份有限公司[3]  (以下简称“东方日升”)成立于2002年12月2日,公司注册地址:浙江省宁波市宁海县梅林街道塔山工业园区,注册资本为649,912,224.00元,企业法人营业执照注册号:330226000001791,东方日升在2010年9月2日成功在深圳创业板上市(股票代码:300118)。东方日升是全球太阳能行业中的领先企业之一,是专业从事于太阳能组件,太阳能电池发电技术应用产品和太阳能终端应用产品及集成的研发、生产、销售、服务的高新技术生产型企业,并且是太阳能项目的投资者,开发者和EPC承包者
Oriental Sunrise new energy Limited by Share Ltd [3] (hereinafter referred to as the "Oriental Sunrise") was founded in December 2, 2002, the company registered address: Zhejiang province Ningbo city Ninghai County Merlin streets Tashan Industrial Park, the registered capital of 649912224 yuan, business license registration number: 330226000001791, East sunrise in September 2, 2010 successfully listed in Shenzhen gem (Stock Code: 300118). Oriental Sunrise is one of the leading companies in the global solar industry, is a professional engaged in solar modules, new and high technology enterprise solar power technology and solar application products terminal application products and integrated R & D, production, sales, service, and solar project investors, developers and contractors EPC